Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just For Now - Abbi Glines

Title: Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4)
Author:  Abbi Glines
Release Date: November 8th, 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Group: New Adult Literature
Set in the steamy coastal Alabama town of Sea Breeze, an interconnected group of older teens hook up, break up... and much, much more. Preston is one bad boy. And Amanda has harboured a crush on him for forever. When she finally makes her move on him, it does not end well. But still, she can't resist him. Especially now that he seems to be pursuing her, too.No one wants wants them to be together. Not Amanda's brother, Marcus, who is on the verge of his marriage to Low, and definitely not any of Preston's buddies. They know way too much about Preston's dark side. Yet the dangerous attraction is there... and neither Preston nor Amanda are going to deny it.
I have been reading books by Abbi Glines for quite awhile now. The first series that I read by her was the Too Far/Rosemary Beach series. I instantly fell in love with new adult and Abbi Gline's writing/characters and couldn't wait to read more by her. The Sea Breeze series is one of my guilty pleasures. The books are like my own sort of drug. Once I start reading them, I can't seem to stop or put them down. There is always something about each individual story that I tend to enjoy and Just for Now was no different. In fact, this might just be my favorite out of the series so far.

The fourth book in the Sea Breeze story is about Preston Drake (the official bad-boy of the Alabama town) and Amanda Hardy (the younger sister of Marcus and the typical good girl). There was just something about this match that I enjoyed more than the other three in the series. Don't get me wrong, I really loved Cage and Eva but Preston and Amanda was something different. Amanda was relatable and I totally could understand why she kept coming back to him. When you love someone, you want to be with them, no matter how much hurt you have to deal with. I know that from firsthand experience.
While this book is frustrating, mostly from Preston pushing Amanda away, I still learned to enjoy the characters. I was also glad we got to see Jason Stone (the younger brother of Jax). I am really excited to read his story later on. I can't wait to read later books, just so I can see short scenes of Preston and Amanda be all cute and being a couple. I recommend this book if you have read any books by Abbi Glines or are interested in new adult, but please be 17+ before reading this. There is some sexual scenes along with language and don't think it is for young readers.

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