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Waiting on Wednesday (34)

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill over at Breaking the Spine.

-Nancy Werlin
Release Date: September 12th, 2013

This much anticipated sequel to the New York Times Bestseller Impossible a fantasy full of suspense, mystery, and romance will appeal to fans of Beautiful Creatures, Raven Boys, and Wicked Lovely.

 Fenella was the first Scarborough girl to be cursed, hundreds of years ago, and she has been trapped in the faerie realm ever since, forced to watch generations of daughters try to break this same faerie curse that has enslaved them all. But now Fenella’s descendant, Lucy, has accomplished the impossible and broken the curse, so why is Fenella still trapped in Faerie?

In her desperation, Fenella makes a deal with the faerie queen: If she can accomplish three acts of destruction, she will be free, at last, to die. What she doesn't realize is that these acts must be aimed at her own family and if she fails, the consequences will be dire, for all of the Scarborough girls.

How can she possibly choose to hurt her own cherished family not to mention the new man whom she’s surprised to find herself falling in love with? But if she doesn’t go through with the tasks, how will she manage to save her dear ones?
My thoughts: I still have yet to read Impossible, even though it has been on my TBR list forever. I have heard nothing but good things about that book and also Nancy Werlin so I am excited to start on this series, besides, isn't tha cover just gorgeous?! Love it! Do you guys plan on reading this or have you read Impossible? Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for visiting :)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Thought I'd Like More/Less Than I Did (11)

This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks Top Ten is:
I decided to go with books that I thought I like less than I did!
1. Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini
I enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would! I don't really like all that Greek mythology, but I do know a lot of people who love it, so I decided to give another try at it in this book. I heard good reviews and it seemed like a book that I would enjoy so I picked it up anyways. I honestly couldn't stop reading it. I remember being up till 3 in the morning reading about Helen. Josephine Angelini has this unique way of writing that is very captivating. Such a great book and the sequel is great also but not as good as Starcrossed was!
2. Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake
Another books I liked way more than I expected too. For some reason, I just didn't pick this book or have any desire to read it. I don't know why, but one day I decided to read it anyways cause I found it on sale at a bookstore. I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I tried reading it once before and couldn't get into it, but when I started it again for the second time I couldn't put it down. I must have been in some weird book funk the first time! Loved it!
3. If I Stay - Gayle Forman
This book just seemed so depressing and I didn't really want to read something like that cause at the time I read my share of Sarah Dessen books at that moment, but my friend wouldn't stop pestering me about so I picked it up. It was literally wonderful. Made me cry so much and I loved it. Also the sequel Where She Went is even better if you can believe it! I totally recommend them!
4. The Iron King - Julie Kagawa
When I first saw this on goodreads I avoided it. I read that it was about faeries and I wasn't interested. At that time, I had only read one other book about faeries and I didn't enjoy it so I had some weird prejudice thing against faerie books after that. Funny, right? :) Well anyways, I was bored one day and I found the first chapter available so I went ahead and read it. I loved it! So I picked up the book and devoured in one setting almost. I'm so glad I got my prejudice! :)
5. Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins
After reading Anna and the French Kiss and being slightly disappointed cause my expectations where so high, I thought I wouldn't like this one much either. WRONG. I couldn't have been more wrong. This book was brilliant! SO GOOD. I loved it so much. I think it helped with having no expectations going into this. It was great. Yeah, I can't think of any words to describe how much I loved it.
6. Incarnate - Jodi Meadows
I knew that I probably would like this book, but I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I never read a book quite like this one before. It has such an interesting concept and the main character is very wonderful to read from. I also just love Sam so much! I can't believe I haven't read the next book yet. I need to get on that.
7. Audrey, Wait! - Robin Benway
I was honestly surprised by how much I liked this. I heard really good reviews over it and thought that I would probably enjoy it, but I loved it! It was so funny and it one of my favorite contemporaries for sure. If you haven't read this yet, I highly recommend it. Audrey was so fun to read from and the story is just hilarious. If you are fans of Meg Cabot, then I recommend this for you!
8. Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins
Oh my gosh, this book! One of those fangirling moments here! Sweet Peril is so close to coming out! I can't wait to read it! Anyways, Sweet Evil was just amazing. I liked it way more than I thought I would. I remember reading the first couple of chapters and thinking, "Wow. This is really good." I also stayed up all night reading. Let's not forget about Kaidan either ;)
9. I Know It's Over - C.K. Kelly Martin
I can understand if someone didn't like this novel, since it does have a touchy subject matter but I didn't think to like it as much as I did. The writing was done so well and the main character, Nick, was refreshing to read from. I like to read from a guys pov now and again and he was great to read from. C.K. Kelly Martin has a very interesting way of writing, it all flowly and smooth. I need to read another book by her.
10. Dairy Queen - Catherine Gilbert Murdock
This was such a fun read! I thought that I would probably just like, but I loved it! The writing was so real with the family dynamics and the relationship that D.J. had with Brian. This was also one of the very first contemporaries that I read and I'm so glad that it was this one. I need to read the rest of this series!

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The First Lie: A Lying Game Novella - Sara Shepard (Mini Review)

Title: The First Lie: A Lying Game Novella
Author:  Sara Shepard
Release Date: December 18th, 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
Group: Young Adult Literature
Featuring Sutton Mercer before her tragic death, this stand-alone digital original novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard is an exciting, must-read companion to the Lying Game series. Back when she was alive, Sutton kept a million secrets. But how she got together with Thayer is her juiciest one of all. . . .

It's the summer before junior year and Sutton Mercer and her friends rule Hollier High. Then Thayer Vega returns home from soccer camp. In two short months he's gone from being her best friend's scrawny younger brother to a hot soccer god with a major ego—and a bone to pick with the Lying Game girls.

To bring him back down to earth, Sutton's friends convince her to string Thayer along so she can publicly reject him. But as she gets to know the real Thayer, Sutton starts to wonder: Is flirting with Thayer still just a game to her? Or is the queen of the Lying Game lying . . . to herself?
I will admit, I am a huge Sara Shepard fan. I honestly will read anything she will publish. She's probably going to make, I don't know, six more Lying Game books and you will see me there reading them all. I was so excited to read this! I read that it was suppose to be about Sutton and Thayer, who I love so much. This short novella takes place before Emma ever entered the picture, so I was excited to see how things will be.

There wasn't anything revealed in this book, but I did really like it. It was nice to see Sutton's point of view for a change and see how she thinks. I really love Sutton and Thayer's relationship. I am so sad that they won't be together in the end. Sutton truly did love Thayer. She wasn't playing him at all. This novella just makes me more anxious and eager to find out what really did happen to Sutton in the actual Lying Game books.

I can't wait to read more Lying Game books by Sara Shepard. I love them, incase you haven't noticed yet! They have become my favorite over Pretty Little Liars anymore. There seems to more mystery and I like the characters better in this world!


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What Really Happened in Peru - Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan (Mini Review)

Title: What Really Happened in Peru (The Bane Chronicles, #1)
Author: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan
Release Date: April 16th, 2013
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Group: Young Adult Literature
Fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices know that Magnus Bane is banned from Peru—and now they can find out why. One of ten adventures in The Bane Chronicles.

There are good reasons Peru is off-limits to Magnus Bane. Follow Magnus’s Peruvian escapades as he drags his fellow warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss into trouble, learns several instruments (which he plays shockingly), dances (which he does shockingly), and disgraces his host nation by doing something unspeakable to the Nazca Lines.

This standalone e-only short story illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane, whose alluring personality populates the pages of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. This story in The Bane Chronicles, What Really Happened in Peru, is written by Sarah Rees Brennan and Cassandra Clare.

I was so excited when Cassandra Clare announced The Bane Chronicles! Magnus Bane is one of my favorite characters in both the Mortal Instruments but also in the Infernal Devices series, so I was excited to read more adventures about him and to learn some about his past. What Really Happened in Peru is a very fun and quick read. We learn four little adventures stories over a period of time that happened to Magnus all while in Peru. We also meet two friends of Magnus', Catarina and Ragnor. I especially enjoyed Ragnor, he was very amusing to read from and the banter between him and Magnus was great!

Cassandra Clare's writing is as good as ever. I can't wait to read more from the Bane Chronicles and I am especially excited for a certain one coming up that is about James Herondale and I believe there is even going to be one about Edmund Herondale as well. I can't wait to see what adventure Magnus will be going on next! If you are a fan of the Mortal Instrument series and the Infernal Devices series, then I highly suggest you pick this up for a quick light read! It is totally worth the money!

Showcase Sunday (14)

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Defiance - C.J. Redwine
What Really Happened in Peru (The Bane Chronicles, #1) - Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan
I bought two e-books for my Kindle Fire this week! Defiance was on sale for one day and of course I had to buy What Really Happened in Peru! I have already read it and it was awesome! There will be a review up of that sometime today! I haven't heard much about Defiance but I am sure that I will enjoy it as well when I finally get around to reading it!

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Prodigy - Marie Lu

Title: Prodigy
Author:  Marie Lu
Release Date: January 29th, 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Group: Young Adult Literature
June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happens: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer to chaos, the two join a group of Patriot rebels eager to help Day rescue his brother and offer passage to the Colonies. They have only one request—June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.

It’s their chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long. But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she’s haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if revolution must be more than loss and vengeance, anger and blood—what if the Patriots are wrong?

In this highly-anticipated sequel, Lu delivers a breathtaking thriller with high stakes and cinematic action.
This book was just so good! I can't even think of what to say to give this book justice. It was such an intense read and I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen next. The characters, the amazing plot, and this world are just so crazy to read about! Such a great sequel to Legend, which I adored so much, and Prodigy didn't disappoint at all. I am all about dystopian reads in YA, and I think this series is an excellent reason of why they are so great. The two main characters Day and June have their own unique problems but come together and they are just so awesome together. I, basically, could read about Day and June all day long if I could.

Prodigy shows a more political side of the republic, where the readers get to meet the new elector Anden. We meet him in the first book, Legend, but he is really involved in this book. There is all this drama that goes with Anden, the Senators, and the Patriots. There is also a bunch of new characters that we are introduced too that involve the Patriots. I totally didn't see a lot of that coming with them and was so surprised by some of the events that happened. I like Anden, I thought he was okay, but he still just doesn't compare to Day for me. I know some people want June and Anden to get together in the next book, but I don't. I think Anden should get his own love interest. Day and June are just so perfect for me. Yes, they have their own good share of problems but that is what makes me love them so much. They balance each other out.

Prodigy is again told in alternating chapters between June and Day just like Legend was. That is one of the things that I love so much about this series. It isn't just told from June's perspective but also from Day's as well. We get to see things from two different points of view. I love reading about them separately when they are both doing their own thing, but when they get together that just makes me want to read more about them.

On to Kaede, I didn't like her in Legend, but oh my gosh, was she so absolutely brilliant in Prodigy. There is this scene with her, June, and Day towards the end of the book that I was freaking out about so much. I could actually feel my heart racing and I couldn't read fast enough to find out what would happen! Also want to mention that I wasn't a big fan of Tess in this. I still like her and I understand why she said the things she did and her actions but she just annoyed me to read about. However, I don't hate her but actually grew a new appreciation for her. I wonder what will happen to her in the next book. That should be interesting.

In case you haven't noticed yet, I LOVED this book! I am so anticipating the next book Champion so much. There were so many epic moments in Prodigy. This book is one of the best books of 2013 no doubt! Pick up this series if you haven't yet, it is for sure one of the best in YA. I can't give it enough praise.

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Follow Friday (12)

This is a weekly theme hosted by Parajunkee's View & Alison Can Read.
Q: If you could hang out with any author (living) who would it be and what would you want to do?
This was hard to pick but of course so I decided just to go by what my favorite book series is and pick that author. My favorite book series is the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, so Cassandra Clare is the author that I would want to hang out with! I would probably want to meet her over in London somewhere and we could go somewhere to eat and visit all the landmarks that are in the Infernal Devices. I would ask her probably a million questions about the characters, like how she even came up with this amazing world and just let her know how I am such a big fan. We could also share some redhead jokes! So yeah, this was cheesy but true :) Thanks for visiting!
Cassandra Clare's Tumblr, Website, and Twitter! Go check out her books if you haven't already but I'm sure everyone has by now :) They are my absolute favs ever!

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Veronica Roth finally has released the title for the third book in the Divergent series. It shall be called Allegiant!
It will be released on October 22nd, 2013! With the cover reveal coming sometime in May.

The video was released from USA Today this morning! I am SO EXCITED! Click here to read the article!

Books & Songs

In the booktube world, PadfootandProngs07, has made some videos of songs that she thinks remind her of certain books. I thought that it was awesome, so I decided to make a blog post of some songs that remind me of certain books. I will post the lyrics that remind me of the certain events in the series or book! Hope you enjoy :)
The Infernal Devices Series
by Cassandra Clare
 This song just screams Will/Tessa/Jem to me. I sometimes feel like this song was especially written for this series. Like "love lost believers" reminds me of Will so much.
"Boy with a broken soul, heart with a gapping hole. Dark twisted fantasy, turned to reality. Kissing death, and losing my breath. Midnight hours, cobble street passages, forgotten savages."
"These are hard times, these are hard times for dreamers. And love lost believers."

"My highs hit a new low. Marinate in misery, like a girl of only seventeen. Man made madness, and the romance of sadness. A beautiful dance, that happened by chance."

Beautiful Disaster &Walking Disaster
by Jamie McGuire

Still Into You - Paramore
This song pretty much explains Abby and Travis' relationship. Only in a more awesome, less crazy way :)

"You make me feel, make me feel, better. It's not a walk in the park to love eachother. But when our fingers interlock, can't deny, can't deny, you're worth it."

"I should be over all the butterflies, but I'm into you. I'm into you. And baby even on our worst nights, I'm into you, I'm into you. Let 'em wonder how we got this far, cause I don't really need to wonder at all. Yeah after all this time, I'm still into you."

"You felt the weight of the world fall off your shoulder and to your favorite song, we sang along to the start of forever.
Never Let Me Go
by Kazuo Ishiguro
 LOL, clever right? ;) but I do like the real never let me go song from the movie! But whenever I hear this, I think about Tommy & Kathy.
"No need to pray, no need to speak, and now I am under. Oh, and it's breaking over me, a thousand miles down to the seabed, I found a place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go, never let me go, never let me go."
"Though the pressure's hard to take. It's the only way I can escape. It seems a heavy choice to make, now I am under."
"Never let me go, never let me go, never let me go, never let me go, delivered me."

by Veronica Roth
Only If For a Night - Florence + The Machine
This song makes me think of Tris and her mother! I don't know, but for some reason it does. Really any song by Florence makes me think of the Divergent series but this song especially makes me think of Insurgent.
"And I had dream about my old school. And she was there all pink and gold and glittery. I threw my arms around her legs (came to weeping, camp to weeping) And I heard your voice, as clear as day, and you told me I should concentrate, it was all so strange and so surrel, that a ghost should be so practical. Only if for a night. And the only soultion was to stand and fight, and my body was brusied and I was set alight."
"And the grass was so green aganist my new clothes, and I did cartwheels in your honor, dancing on tiptoes. My own secret ceremonials before the service began."

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Waiting on Wednesday (33)

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill over at Breaking the Spine.

-Tiffany King
Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Ashton Garrison walked away from a privileged life in order to hide from the one thing she's not willing to face. She knows she left behind a trail of pain, but in the long run, her betrayal will hurt less than the truth. She now has one goal: Live life to the fullest with no regrets and no attachments. She has high hopes that a move to new surroundings will provide the escape she desires, but what Ashton doesn't count on is how fate always seems to find a way to screw up any good plan. Sometimes, when love comes knocking, the pull is too strong not to answer. Suddenly, what she thought she wanted to escape from is what Ashton now wants more than anything.

Nathan Lockton has one mission: find his target and complete the task he was hired to do—no attachments and no emotion necessary. He's done it over and over again. What he thought was a typical lost-and-found job has turned into a life examining moment as Nathan is forced to deal with something he has always ignored--his feelings. Now faced with a decision, Nathan must choose to either follow his heart or complete the job.

Love can come when you least expect it. The question is: If the odds are stacked against you, how far are you willing to go for the one you love?
My thoughts: I saw this randomly on Goodreads one day and thought it sounded really good! I haven't heard much buzz about it yet, but I can't wait to check it out! Have you guys heard of it or plan on reading it?

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Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Title: Unravel Me
Author:  Tahereh Mafi
Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
Group: Young Adult Literature
it's almost
time for war.

Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance. She's finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch. Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible.

In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right. Decisions that might involve choosing between her heart—and Adam's life.
I forgot how much I love this world and these characters! I thought that Shatter Me was wonderful, but Unravel Me completely hits it out of the park. Unravel Me is even better than Shatter Me was. It was a great sequel and middle book in this trilogy. The characters, the plot, and this crazy world had me hooked from the first page. There was actually moments that I was so shocked by that my jaw completely dropped. I usually can predict upcoming events, but this book just surprised me again and again until the last page.

Unravel Me starts out at Omega Point and two weeks have passed since the ending events of Shatter Me. We found out more details about Kenji, and why exactly Adam and Warner can both touch Juliette. It had been awhile since I have read Shatter Me, but it didn't take any time at all for all those memories to come rushing back to me as entered Juliette's world! Juliette still has some character development ahead of her, but we see her becoming so strong throughout this whole book but it isn't until the very end that she starts to realize her full potential. We also get to see a lot more of Warner and find out some details about his past. I am so happy that I read Destroy Me before this, because I had a little more insight on Warner's character.

For the record, I am totally team Warner. I have been since the first book and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon. I don't hate Adam, I actually really like him with Juliette and if he does end up with Juliette in the end then I am not going to be upset or disappointment. There is just something about Warner that I just love so much. He gets so vulnerable around Juliette and also how awful his father is to him. It is not wonder that he is so messed up, but still that is no excuse for his actions. I think towards the end, he does get some redeeming qualities but he has a long road ahead of him.

There was only one character that I didn't like in this book and that was Castle. He just irritated me to no end! I couldn't stand him! He did have the best intentions for everyone, but I felt like he would come off rude and absurd to Juliette and especially Adam. Other than him, I thought all the other characters were excellent! Well, except for Warner's dad of course.

Overall, I recommend that everyone go pick up this series if you haven't already! It is one of my favorite series and Unravel Me is no doubt one of my favorite reads of 2013. I can't believe the ending page! I seriously turned the page, and when I saw that it was over; I let out a loud gasp! How can Tahereh Mafi just end it like that?! I must know what happens! It will be a long wait for the next book, which I can tell you, I will be purchasing on the day it comes out!
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