Monday, August 11, 2014

My Top 10 Summer Reads

Today I thought I would share my ultimate top ten summer reads! These are the perfect books for the summer! I know that summer is about over but that doesn't mean that these books shouldn't be read any time of year or maybe even next year! I love all of these! Enjoy these picks and what's left of summer!
Top 10 Summer Reads:

A perfect beach read! Books about mermaids that take place during the summer! I haven't read too many mermaids books but I love this trilogy! It is a small book so perfect to take the beach or by the pool. The characters are great and a quick moving plot!  
My favorite Sarah Dessen book besides This Lullaby, but I thought this was better suited for summer. It has been awhile since I have read this but I remember relating to the main character so much because she has insomnia like me. Like all Sarah Dessen books, they take place in a small North Carolina town during the summer and self-discovery and cute romances ensue!
A book I read myself this summer! Such a cute contemporary about a girl who lives on an island that works for her father and the "rich island people". Also a little fling between her and one of the rich island people happen that is such a mystery to discover! I enjoy Huntley Fitzpatrick for a nice summer read!
While I have only read the first book in this series, I thought that I would include it on the list! I have heard so many good things about this trilogy and I know that it only gets better as you go along! The first book was touching and good. I can't wait to read more!
Such a cute book! I read this book when I first started reading YA and it always stuck with me because it was so cute! It's about a girl who meets this boy in her town who takes her breath away, and while she suffers from extreme asthma, Jackson help her learn how to "breathe".
I absolutely love the Hundred Oaks series. Each book just gets better as the go along and I always read each book during the summer. It takes no time at all to read, I literally read one of the books in one day. Fun stories about a set characters in the same town who weave into each others lives. Please check this series, it deserves so much more hype!
Sophie Kinsella is the queen of chick-lit! This is my favorite Sophie Kinsella book! I literally cry, I laughed so hard. Never compares to this book in the genre of chick-lit.  Everyone needs a good chick-lit for the summer. This is about a girl, Poppy, who looses her engagement and cell phone all in the same day and must steal someone's cell phone so her fiancĂ© doesn't find out. However, an interesting relationship develops between the original owner of the cell phone and her.
Such a great book for the summer! I read this book this year cause of all the surrounding hype and it was so good! It's about a group of cousins that live on an island for the summer and all the drama that happens and a girl who struggles to place the pieces together of a summer she can't remember. It has so much mystery and you can't remember what happens! Please read!
I just read this book and I liked it so much! How could I not include this book, it has the word summer in the title. It is so touching ad heartbreaking, but yet so wonderful and cute at the same time. While the main character is hard to understand at times, you can accept her flaws and love her anyways. While Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is my favorite by Morgan Matson, I thought this is a more of a summer read!
Another books that has summer in the title. I love Sarah Ockler's book so much and this was my first love. Absolutely breathtaking and amazing. One of my all-time favorite contemporaries. This is about two best friends, however, one best friends is in love with her best friend's brother. Another one that doesn't have the hype it deserves. More people need to read this and Sarah Ockler's fantastic writing!

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