Monday, July 30, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with Pretty Little Liars

Hey guys! If you hadn't watch the T.V. Show or read the books I wouldn't suggest reading this. There may be some spoilers!

 I thought that I would do something a little bit different today. I want to tell you about my Love/Hate Relationship with Pretty Little Liars and see if any of you feel the same way that I do. A lot of you probably know what Pretty Little Liars is. There is a hit T.V. show on ABC Family and the best selling book series by Sara Shepard. The T.V. show started the summer of 2010. I knew that there was a popular book series, but hadn't got the chance to read them yet. I remember watching the first couple episodes and loving it so much! The whole concept was interesting and I liked the whole idea of A. My friends and I would always talk about who are favorite pretty little liar was (mine is Hanna) and who we thought A. is. We would get so frustrated at times that we even looked it up on Wikipedia to see who A. was in the books even though we hadn't read them. Then there was a statement that the T.V. show would be different from the books. So my friends and I would try to figure out who else could possibly be A.

There is a lot of problems that I have with the T.V. show. We are now on season three and I still enjoy it but usually after every episode I feel underwhelmed and disappointed. They make each episode look like there is going to be some big revelation and there usually isn't. For example, in one of the previous episodes we found out that Lucas had the pills that were in Emily's alcohol but there was never nothing that happened after that. Can someone please tell me why they didn't confront Lucas? I wouldn't just sit around and not do anything if I found out something like that. It was like the girls just forgot about it. This is getting so annoying. Also I am sick and tired of Mona being in the crazy house if we aren't going to get any answers. Hanna and Aria went there to visit her in the last episode and I thought for sure that Mona would tell them something but she didn't. All she did was lead them to some random website. It is just getting so frustrating. There needs to be something big happen or I am going to start hating the show even though I really don't want too.

My favorite character is Hanna Marin. I just love her so much. The relationship between her and Mona this season has been one of my favorite things to watch. I just wish the show would explore it more. I also really like Spencer this season which I am surprised about because I didn't like her that much in the beginning. I am having some problems with Aria this season. I find her relationship with Ezra to be boring, but I am somewhat intrigued because his family is suppose to show up in one of the upcoming episodes.

Then I have problems with the book series, even though I enjoy them better than the T.V. show at this point. I finally sat down and read them last year because I thought maybe I would get answers from the books because I wasn't getting any from the show. I really like the books but I think that Sara Shepard is dragging the story out a little bit. I just did finish book eleven and it is getting somewhat old, but I contuine to read them because I just can't stop.

I hope this post wasn't confusing or boring. It's just that I love Pretty Little Liars but sometimes I hate it at the same time. Hopefully there will be some kind of revelation or answer happen soon. It's just getting so old and they can only do so much with A. blackmailing them. There needs to be questions but also answers at the same time. Do any of you feel this way? If you do leave a comment. I would love to discuss it!


  1. I totally know what you mean! I haven't read the books yet either, but I've seen the show up to the end of season 2. It was frustrating me that I'd sat through over 40 episodes of this show and literally even after THAT, nothing had truly been revealed. I think the problem is that the show is set up to only have one real secret. Once they give that up - nothing else matters and the show might as well end.

    So I think they're hanging on to it so tight and trying to distract the viewers away from the fact that they haven't given us anything important in a loooong time. :/

    But of course - I'll continue watching, lol.

  2. I completely agree with your post. My girlfriend watches it, and so do I. . . My critique is the exact same as yours. I honestly stopped watching the show recently. I kept up with episode summaries online to see if things got interesting, but like you I'm starting to hate the show. Doesn't feel like it is worth my time anymore.


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