Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chris Colfer Book Signing

I went to the Chris Colfer Book Signing for The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, #1) on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at Cincinnati, Ohio (Joseph Beth Bookstore). I'm not that far from Cincinnati. It's about an hour drive, so I was really fortunate to have Chris come so close to my hometown. There was people there from Canada, Michigan, West Virginia, and Indiana. I'm sure there were even people who were there that lived further away than that since there was around 500 people there.

There was no photography with fans and he didn't even have time to speak since there was so many people there that they wanted to make sure that he got to everyone that had a book to sign. But I did snatch this picture of him! It was the best that I could do.

He was so nice! I was pretty much freaking out cause I just love him so much on Glee. He is my favorite character and I couldn't get over that I was going to meet him. He made sure that he talked to you and asked how you were doing even though you had around ten seconds to talk to him. He even called me sweetie! Best. Day. Ever.

Here is what the book looks like and his signature!

I had such a great time! I even got interviewed by the Cincinnati Enquirer. If you want to check out it you can click here. I am towards the bottom of the article. So yeah, I just can't believe that I met Chris Colfer. Still trying to cope with it! Haha. I even stalked around the bookstore and saw his limo. I took a picture of it. I'm not a crazy fan stalker, just a regular fan! Or what I like to tell myself! :) So yeah, there is a picture of his limo.

So did any of you guys go to any of his signings or read the book yet? I plan to read it soon. I am excited to see his storytelling abilities! I hope he comes back when he writes the second book! Then I can say that I have met him twice! Yay! :)


  1. Aaahh.. I love Glee so much, btw. Just so curious with this book since I know he wrote it. Although I don't like his character in Glee, but I really wish I could read this someday. :D
    Anyway, you're so lucky for getting his signature!

  2. We were at the same signing as you were! Too bad we did not get to meet. Maybe next time.



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