Monday, August 20, 2012

My Top Five Favorite T.V. Couples

1. Tate Langdon & Violet Harmon
(American Horror Story)

Why yes, I picked Tate and Violet has my favorite TV show couple. Honestly, there is just something about their relationship that scares me but also makes me crazy about them. It's weird I know, but hey, that's American Horror Story for you. I never watched AHS when first came out in October. I really don't know anything about it. One day some of my favorite Vampire Diaries fan vidders on the YouTube started doing videos about Tate and Violet and it looked so good. So that is why I started watching the show. I didn't start until January after the season was already over. I watched all twelve episodes in one night. If any of you have watched AHS, you probably think that I am out of my freaking mind. Tate is a psychopath murderer who has did a lot of horrible things. I just want to clarify that I do not want Tate as my boyfriend and I do not love him, however, his relationship with Violet is beautiful. I don't really care what anybody else thinks.

This ship has made me have so many feelings. I just couldn't tell you. You always hear people who cry over their OTP, but they actually don't. Well I have cried over Tate and Violet if I watched a really sad video of them. I feel Violet makes Tate a better person and helps him. Tate did all that stuff to Violet's mom before they actually talked or got together. She changes him. Just listen to me, I think I need help. Lol. I just didn't like the way their story played out. In my mind they have a happy ending. I hope the writers of the show plan to go back to this storyline in the future. I next season of AHS is about totally different people, but Evan Peters, the boy who played Tate, will be back! Yay!

2. Klaus Mikaelson & Caroline Forbes
(The Vampire Diaries)

Yes, I love Klaroline. My favorite characters beside Stefan and Elena, are Caroline and Klaus. Klaus and Caroline use to be my TVD crackship for a long time. I can't believe that it actually is starting to happen. I just love how Klaus likes Caroline. It is adorable.When he draws pictures of her with horses, gives her jewelry! It just makes Klaus so much hotter. Not going to lie. I just feel like Caroline is just what Klaus needs. She is light and fun and Klaus definitely needs that in his life. Even though Klaus murders people, I just feel sympathy for him. My favorite scene with them was in one of the last episodes when Alaric was torturing Caroline and when Elena helped her get free, Klaus and Caroline have a scene together after that, that is just so wonderful. I also love the scene where he saves her life on her birthday. I feel like Klaus could just be himself and wouldn't have to put up walls if he was around Caroline. I don't know why Caroline totally hates Klaus because I think she secretly does like the idea that he likes her. They just need more time for their relationship to grow. It is going to be great when it finally happens. They have such great chemistry and they act beautifully together. Can't wait for the new season for them!

3. Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert
(The Vamprie Diaries)

I feel so nervous just posting and writing about Stelena. I really hope that the Delena fans don't get all mad at me and hate me after this. I like Delena too, but there is just something about Stefan and Elena that I love. However, I ship Stefan with like everyone. I love Katherine and Stefan, Caroline and Stefan. Maybe there is just something about Stefan and his chemistry with just everyone! First off let me tell you how my love for Stelena came about because I use to hate them and be full on the Delena ship. I didn't really start to like Stelena till the end of the season two. It was the scene where Stefan and Elena are talking about Elena becoming a vampire and her saying that she never wanted to be one. That scene was so emotional and I felt like I could actually see why there would even be Stelena shippers. After that it took till about episode three of season three until I felt that way again. I loved that whole episode and the scene where Stefan and Elena are looking at each other in his old apartment. It just screamed OTP feelings at me, but I kept trying to ignore it.

After that it took until around the fifth episode when Klaus compelled Stefan to bite Elena. That is when I loved Stelena. I'm sorry Damon, I loved you during the first two seasons mostly, but there was something about Stefan this season that blew my mind. They have so much chemistry with each other that I never seemed to notice before. That scene where he about drove her off the bridge to make her a vampire, the dance scene in episode fourteen. The one scene where she told Stefan that she kissed Damon. They were all just so good! I can't believe that I never appreciated Stefan as a character before. I just can't wait to see what is going to happen next season. I so excited to see what is going to become of Stelena not that situations are different with Elena. I also wonder what will be happening to Stefan next season! I hope to see more of the ripper side! I love it!

4. Stiles Stilinski & Lydia Martin
(Teen Wolf)

This couple totally just snuck on up me. I can't believe how much I have fallen for them over the last few weeks. I have watched Teen Wolf off and on for the last few months and have grown to like it more and more due to Stiles. I love his character so much. His character is like one of the best that I have ever seen. His love for Lydia just breaks my heart and especially after the season two finale. There was a scene with Lydia and Jackson and Stiles was actually crying. There goes my feelings again! AhHhHhH! Seriously, it is physically painful to be a fangirl. This should be a sport or something. Okay, back to the topic of Stiles and Lydia. Love, love, love them! I just think they would be so perfect each other. Stiles has always been in love with Lydia and he doesn't want anyone else but her. My favorite scene was in the 11th episode this season when Stiles has made all those goals during the lacrosse game and he looks up and see Lydia smiling at him. They just have such great chemistry! Have I mentioned that I loved them yet? I hope that there is more scenes between them next season, since there will be 24 episodes! I can't wait to see what will happen to Lydia and her relationship with Jackson, but I'm hoping that Lydia and Stiles will start to be friends at first and then their relationship starts from there. Plus, it does help that I have a biggest crush on Dylan O'Brien. He is just so cute and adorable. I mean, how can you not like him!? :)

5. Jesse St. James & Rachel Berry

Oh my, how I love these two. I am a big Glee fan, well, I use to be a big Glee fan. Season one was like the best thing that has ever happened ever. I don't know what happened to the show but it just hasn't been as good lately and I don't know how this next season will turn out. I have always liked Rachel and Jesse since the beginning. I haven't given up hope yet, but I don't think they will ever be a couple again. I have thoughts that he will end up in New York and visit Rachel while she is at school but who knows. There isn't nothing wrong with Finn, but I sometimes find that relationship so boring.

One of my favorite songs ever from glee is when they did Total Eclipse of the Heart. That song was just so perfect for Rachel and Jesse. Agh, the feelings! Also, there was this part in the Madonna tribute episode when Jesse and Rachel were about to sex, but Rachel wouldn't go through with it and Jesse's like, "Come on, please come out so we can talk about it. Or sing about it." LOL. That is when I knew that Jesse is just so right Rachel. He is like Rachel only in boy form. They are perfect. I'm sorry Finn lovers. I just can't change my feelings! I am not ready to give up on them yet! I hope something big comes soon or at lest before the show definitely ends. Also there hasn't been an amazing performance since Bohemian Rhapsody. Season one just had such great music. What happened?

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  1. I only heard of Jesse St. James & Rachel Berry and that's only because I love (adore) Glee. Yay! :) That show is fabulous! :) And yes, they are cute together.


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