Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on life: Doctor Who, Breaking Dawn pt. II, School, Beautiful Disaster, and Black Friday

Hey guys, I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. I am so truly sorry for that. I really miss it. I have three more weeks of school and then I will be off for Christmas break. I am so looking forward too it. This has been one crazy semester. These classes has been so difficult and the professor are even worse. I can't wait till it is all over. I meet with my school advisor this week to schedule my classes for the next spring semester. I am only going to be taking some light (easy) classes after how horrid this has been. Anyways, a lot has happened since I have been gone. Not like a lot, but some interesting things. I recently read in this book Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGurie; and oh my gosh, you guys, it was really crazy/wonderful. I know that there are a lot of negative reviews about it on goodreads but I don't really care! I like it way more than I should. I picked this book up because I wanted to read something that was similar to 50 shades of grey, because I promised myself that I wouldn't read it. So I saw Beautiful Disaster at Barnes and Noble and picked it up right away. I plan to write a review for it soon. That is pretty much all the note worthy news in the book reading department. I am currently reading Tempest by Julie Cross and it is interesting. I am just not being blown away like I thought I would. I am over half away through, hopefully my opinion changes closer to the end.
 I also went to see Breaking Dawn pt. II back when it came out. I was so excited too see it cause I kept reading all these interviews that there was going to be this huge crazy ending. I think that this was the best twilight movie out of the five. My favorite would still have to be New Moon, I think. I am going to have to wait and re watch Breaking Dawn pt. II again before I make up my mind. During that crazy twist I was going insane! It was like you were on an emotional roller coaster with no time to process anything and you feel you heart getting ripped out of your chest. It was freaking nuts! Lol. I never ever thought that I would be this depressed that Twilight ended. I still can't get over it. I am not gonna lie, I cried during the credits. I just couldn't get over how sad I was. I started to remember all these memories with my friends and when I read Twilight for the first time. There was this one time when me and my friend talked on the phone for 2 hours just discussing Edward and the other Cullens. I really don't know if there will ever be a wonderful series like this again. I know that City of Bones (which I saw the trailer for... and just OMG OMG OMG), Beautiful Creatures, and The Host are coming out next year. At least that is something too look forward too but I still will miss Twilight and all the characters.

I also have some really exciting news. I tend to go through these periods in my life when I become addicted and obessed with something. The last time that this happened was when I discovered American Horror Story last January. Well, it has happened again. I am officaly hook on Doctor Who. I was feeling sick a couple weeks ago and was flipping through the channels and I saw that on BCCA they were showing Doctor Who. I decided to watch it beacuse that is all I ever hear about on tumblr and from a bunch of youtubers. I am in love with it so much. I haven't been able to watch all the episodes and I am still a little confused at times, but I cannot wait till Christmas break because I am going to start watching all of them in order. So don't leave any spoilers or anything! I now can see what everybody was talking about it when they said they loved this show!
Also this past weekend was Thanksgiving. I had a really great time and met up with my best friend, who goes to a different college than I do, to go Black Friday shopping. We had a lot of fun. However it was ridiculous at American Eagle. I can't believe that I had to wait in line for 55 minutes. I understand that the store was having a 40% but seriously?! I did get some good deals though. I only got this really cute stripped sweater, a button down blouse, and a pair of socks. I also when to Wal-Mart and got the Breaking Dawn pt. II soundtrack. I really like the Green Day song, "The Forgotten". I remember that song playing during the credits and I started crying even harder. So it kinda difficult to listen to that song at the moment. Lol. It's kinda pathetic how said I am over this. I never in a many years thought I would be this upset.
Well that is all that has been going on with me these last couple weeks. I promise that I will have some book reviews and showcase sunday's coming up soon. I miss all my blogging and goodreads friends! 

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