Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites (1)

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This weeks top ten is:
- I was so obsessed with these books. When I was younger my mom and I would always watch the T.V. show together. I have even visited the house where she wrote the books in Missouri. I still catch myself thinking about these books at times.

- These books are about Laura's daughter Rose. I think I might of liked her adventures more than Laura's. I remember being in middle school doing book reports over these. I even went back and re-read them over and over again.

- I loved these books! They were awesome. I remember it being the summer after 4th grade, and I finished all the books that I had in two weeks. So I made my mom drive to Borders and buy the next 5 books in the series. Hahaha (:

- I had to read this book for school in the 8th grade and absolutely loved it! It is one of those classics that you can't just hate.

- Do I really need to say anything? (:

- I  loved this book so much! I remember having to do this huge project on it in 5th grade. Of course, I hated doing the project but I loved the story and the movie!

- My mom bought me this for Christmas one year and I remember loving it. Caddie was a redhead just like me, so that made me love the book even more when I was an 8 year old!

- I had to read this book for school and fell in love with the characters and story. My school even had the author come visit and I got a copy of the book signed.

- I went on vacation to Chincoteague, Virginia when I was a kid and saw these books at the visitor's shop. I picked it up and fell in love with it! I love anything about horses, so of course I loved this book.

- Hey, don't judge. This series started when I was about ten years old. I remember making all my friends read them and then we would talk about which characters we wanted to be. I always wanted to be Massie and my best friend was always Alicia. I remember these books like they were yesterday. I know that there are still books coming out in this series. I must get on to reading those, even though I probably won't help but start lauhing out loud every time Massie says, "OHMAGAWD!"


  1. I loved Charlotte's Web and Harry Potter too!

    AND YES I TOTALLY REMEMBER watching Little House on The Prairie with my mom as well, and liking it when I was younger but then I thought it was stupid when I went through my rebellious phase!

    Great list!

  2. Little House!! Caddie Woodlawn!! Good stuff.

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  3. I loved all the Alcott books, but my favorite series was Nancy Drew.

    Here's my post.

  4. Charlotte's Web such a great book. Here's my Top Ten

  5. I forgot about Little House on Rocky Ridge! That was definitely the series I read, and I loved it! I never did get into Little House on the Prairie though.

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