Monday, October 8, 2012

Beautiful Creatures Movie Trailer Thoughts

I thought that today I would talk about the Beauitful Creatures movie trailer! I am so excited for this movie and the final book, Beauitful Redemption, that is coming out October 23rd. Right now I am currently reading the third book Beautiful Chaos so I can be already for the Beauitful Redemption. Anyways, back to the movie trailer; I just can't believe how wonderful it looks. You can tell that the director and everyone working behind the scenes has put a lot of effort into this and know exactly what this series is all about.
One scene that really stood out to me was at the beginning when Lena makes the windows break in the classroom! Just oh my gosh, I freaked out so much when I watched it that. I remember reading that being one of my favorite scenes in the book and they have done such an excellent job with it. Another one of my favorite scenes from the trailer is when Ridley is talking about Lena. The line that she says is that, "You think that Lena is a good girl now, but it won't matter." I seriously got chills when I heard Ridley say that. The actress that is protraying her is Emmy Rossum and I just can't believe how perfect she is playing her.
I also can't forget to talk about the music they are playing in the background; Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine. One of my faovrite songs ever. I recently discoved Florence and ever since I she has become my favorite artist. If you don't listen to them I highly suggest that you check them out. Some of my favorite songs is Only if for a Night and No Light, No Light. The music just makes the trailer look and sound so epic. The music goes right along with the scenes and the pacing is so good. I know I am repeating myself but I just can't get over how great this movie looks.
So overall, I happy with this trailer and you can for sure bet that I will be at the cinemas on February 13, 2013. It's funny cause that is my father's birthday. Hopefully I can convince him to go see this movie for his birthday. I was able to do that when Percy Jackson came out. Wish me luck!

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