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Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles

Title: Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry, #3)
Author: Simone Elkeles
Release Date: August 16th, 2011, hardcover
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Group: Young Adult Literature

Luis Fuentes has always been sheltered from the gang violence that nearly destroyed his brothers’ lives. But that didn’t stop him from taking risks—whether he’s scaling a mountain in the Rockies or dreaming of a future as an astronaut, Luis can’t stop looking for the next thrill.

Nikki Cruz lives her life by three rules—boys lie to get their way, don’t trust a boy who says “I love you,” and never date a boy from the south side of Fairfield. Her parents may be from Mexico, but as a doctor’s daughter, she has more in common with her north-side neighbors than the Latino Blood at her school. Then she meets Luis at Alex’s wedding, and suddenly, she’s tempted to break all her rules.

Getting Nikki to take a chance on a southsider is Luis’s biggest challenge, until he finds himself targeted by Chuy Soto, the new head of the Latino Blood. When Chuy reveals a disturbing secret about Luis’s family, the youngest Fuentes finds himself questioning everything he’s ever believed to be true. Will his feelings for Nikki be enough to stop Luis from entering a dark and violent world and permanently living on the edge?
I loved this! It could possibly be my favorite book out of this series. That is how much I loved this book. I have read that so many people were disappointed with this book, but I don’t see what was disappointing about it. If I had to pick who my favorite Fuentes brother was, it would definitely be Luis. I never thought that I would like anyone more than Alex, but there was something about Luis I just liked a whole lot more. I loved Luis! He was definitely what made the story for me!

One of my favorite things about this was that Alex & Carlos actually have big roles in this book! At the very beginning, Luis is at Alex and Britney’s wedding! How amazing was that???!! We also got to see Paco when he was a baby. It was adorable. I also like that we got to see Carlos ask Kiara to marry him. That was really sweet. So that was awesome to have those old characters back and see what was going on in their lives.

The beginning of this book is a little slow. I didn’t start to get interested until Luis meets Nikki at the wedding. That scene was just hilarious. I can’t even tell you how many times I laughed out loud. I couldn’t get enough of these two characters. I read that a lot people thought that Nikki was annoying and hated her, but I am the complete opposite! I actually really liked her a lot. I thought she was a good main character. I couldn’t even imagine what she went through. I loved how she had trust issues, but finally let them down to be with Luis. That was so sweet.

I couldn’t stop reading this book. All during my English class at College, I couldn’t get this story out of my mind and as soon as class was over, I ran right into the Student Lounge and went right to reading. It was complete torture in that class! Lol. The teacher asked me a question, and all my mind could think about what would happen with Luis being in the Latino Blood?! Ahhhh! HAHA! :) So yeah, that just shows how addicted I was to this book.

I absolutely LOVED the epilogue. Yes, it was cheesy. But it was the kind of cheesiness that I loved! I really hope that the author writes more in this series. I wouldn’t mind her writing books about all the children! The first book starting off with Paco! That would be totally awesome!

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