Friday, January 6, 2012

Books Read in December 2011

  1. Variant - Robison Wells (373 pages)
  2. What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen (402 pages)
  3. Vanish - Sophie Jordan (294 pages)
  4. Divergent - Veronica Roth (487 pages)
  5. Eve - Anna Carey (336 pages)
  6. The Hidden - Jessica Verday (387 pages)
Books Read: 6
Books Read this Year: 67
My Favorite: Divergent!
My Least Favorite: Eve and What Happened to Goodbye.
Books from Library: 6
Books I own: 0
Books Borrowed: 0
Reviews Posted: Variant, What Happened to Goodbye, Eve

1 comment:

  1. loving your blog, theres some brilliant books on your list, lots of which i think my sister may own, will have to go on a bookshelf scower again :D Anyway, i'm following your blog, and would love it if you could follow mine too at,

    thank Leah :)


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