Friday, January 20, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Fictional Crushes

Today I thought that I would do a post talking about my favorite fictional crushes. This was a lot of fun to do. This is not done any particular order.

1. Jace Wayland - The Mortal Instrument Series.
- Yes. Of course I would talk about Jace first. I think everybody can agree with this. I don't know of a single person who doesn't like Jace. I will admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of his in the first book. I thought he was too cocky, but then I realized he was just confident. Which is very hot (; Cassandra Clare just released the Greenhouse scene from City of Bones in Jace's POV. Was it possible that made me love Jace even more? I didn't think that could happen.

2. Four - The Divergent Series.
- Oh, Four.... When I first started reading Divergent, I didn't like Four at all. I actually didn't even realize that he would be Tris' love interest until the Ferris Wheel scene. That is my favorite scene in the whole book! Love it! Sometimes Four was a little creepy at the beginning, but now that I look back it was all because he liked Tris. Awwww! (:

3. Will Herondale - The Infernal Devices Series.
- Yep, I had to put Will in this post. I will be the first one to say that in Clockwork Prince, I was torn between Will and Jem. However, the more I thought about it the more I am a Will fan. I feel sorry for Jem, I really do. I just can't help but like Will more. There must be something about the boys in the Herondale family that makes every girl fall in love with them.

4. Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games Series.
-Yes, I always loved Peeta in the the Hunger Games. I know that some people liked Gale more, but I never really understood why. Gale would never be able to understand Katniss like Peeta would. That is just my opinion though. If you are team Gale, please leave a comment and let me know why! Anyways, I remember reading the last book and getting so upset cause of what the Capitol did to Peeta. I am happy with how the books ended though.

5. Ash - The Iron Fey Series.
-I am not even going to attempt to remember his full name or spell it. So I am just going to put him as Ash. Haha. I believe everybody loves Ash, but I know that a lot of people love Puck also. I have yet to read the Iron Knight. I am putting it off because I don't want this series to end! The scene that made me love Ash so much was when he became Meghan's Knight in the Iron Queen.

6. Dimitri Belikov - The Vampire Academy Series.
- In the Vampire Academy series, I was always a fan of Dimitri but I also loved Adrian too. Even for awhile, I was a fan of Adrian more than Dimitri. But the last book totally won me over. Dimitri is just awesome. Him and Rose is one fierce couple and they are prefect each other. I am happy with how this series end.

7. Adrian Ivashkov - The Bloodlines Series.
- Since I talked about Dimitri I thought that I would put Adrian into the mix. Oh gosh, does Adrian get all my nerves and he is also a huge PAIN but I love him anyways. Sydney and Adrian's relationship is just too wonderful. I loved the ending in Bloodlines when Adrian said that Sydney had beautiful eyes. I can't wait too see what will happen in the next book.  I also wonder if there will be a love triangle in the mix for these two characters. Really looking forward to the Golden Lily!

8. Cole St. Clair & Sam Roth - The Wolves of Mercy Falls.
- I couldn't pick between Cole and Sam for this series, so I decided to do them both. We don't meet Cole until the second book, Linger, but OMG. Cole and Isabel is just too perfect for each other. I might love them more than Sam and Grace. I love both boys. I was a little upset with how Forever ended, with the story of Isabel and Cole but I would like to believe that wasn't the end for them. However, I loved the ending for Sam and Grace. That was a huge twist that I loved. I didn't expect to love these books as much I did. I recommend this series! I know that you will love them!

9. Catcher - The Dark and Hollow Places.
- Okay, so hear me out about why Catcher is in my top ten. When I first read, The Dead-Tossed Waves, I did not like Catcher at all. I was more of an Elias fan, but when I read The Dark and Hollow Places that all changed. When we first meet Annah, she isn't that easy to warm up too or relate too, but once you got to understand her I ended up loving Annah and Catcher'r relationship. They were just too wonderful. They brought out the best in each other.

10. Edward Cullen - The Twilight Saga.
- I know, I know -- just hear me out about why I put Edward on this list. I have to give credit to the Twilight Saga, if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have discovered all of these wonderful books like The Mortal Instruemnts, Vampire Academy, House of Night. The Twilight Saga got me into reading, so I have to give Twilight a lot of credit. I know that this series has it flaws, but I take it for what it is. I love Edward, and I don't care what people say about his character. There was just something about him that is old fashion and so romantic that made me love him. Say what you want to say, but the Twilight saga got a lot of people into reading. So you can't fool me, I know it (:

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